living alone

"Not only does her warm, dusky voice add welcome grit and soul to her performances, but her compositions veer toward the darker side of country, folk, and R&B. That versatility is on full display on the captivating new EP Living Alone... As you’ll hear, Roohan can lay down some bluesy roots rock reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt, ‘70s AOR like Linda Ronstadt, venture into Southern soul, and while she’s at it, deliver a knockout cover of Sonny Bono’s classic “Bang Bang.” - PopMatters

With the kind of sweetly soulful voice that makes for the perfect Americana songstress, MaryLeigh Roohan seems at fist glance to be primed for saccharine folk. One listen to the brooding “My Friends,” however, will prove that this girl contains multitudes.

- The Wild Honey Pie


"I noticed a certain similarity between Roohan and Wye Oak's Jenn Wasner. Not in a sound-a-like sense but merely in the way Roohan's voice rises from the churning darkness of her own creation." - All Around Sound


"Adrift in the currents of her own personal sea of melancholy, MaryLeigh Roohan once again makes the confessional melodic... 'My Friends' nonetheless provides all the proof you need that she is a performer possessed of both insight and intelligence."

- Blues Bunny


"Although she sounds nothing like him, Roohan reminds me more of Kurt Cobain than anyone else—the rawness and pain of the voice; the dark, minor-key quietude of the melodies; the go-for-brokeness of her expression. Call it folk-grunge—except in her case, it's a whole lot prettier." Seth Rogovoy, Chronogram.



"A strong, smart songwriter with a lovely voice, Roohan might be a heartbreaker with a song as well, but you still won't be able to resist the 'Skin and Bone.'" 

David Malachowski, Times Union


"The sweet coo that graced her debut has gained a more full-bodied presence and punch, and is enhanced with a sharp, rousing vibrato that seems like it could wake the dead."

Mark Suppanz, The Big Takeover.


"Yes, it’s an eclectic mix, but it all hangs together perfectly thanks to Roohan’s musical vision, her wiser-than-her-years lyrics and an undeniably powerful, passionate voice."



skin and bone